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Crafting a Wedding Masterpiece Workshop with Ted Linczak

As an artist, its so good to break out of my mold, and try something new. Im always learning.

This past week, I attended the Crafting a Wedding Masterpiece Workshop, presented by Ted Linczak. Ted is an amazing wedding photographer, who spent a week with us in Cleveland, teaching us new techniques and some killer lighting. I love experiencing something new and shooting with a new eye, and I left inspired and ready to try some new things this wedding season. Its so good to get out of my comfort zone, to grow my art. Thanks Ted, I loved learning from you! 

Note- these images below were photographed by me, but the set up and posing is from Ted for the workshop!

Using killer available light- 

One of the other joys of workshops... palling around with other wedding photographers and learning from each other... caught my pal Ben working it....

Moving around the room gave me this perspective... kinda dig this one...

gorgeous Taylor...

And Mike's not too bad either...

Yes! I learned the secret to this fab shot!!!!

Now the fun part. For a part of the day- I got to shoot on my own, directing Taylor and Mike... So fun! Thinking quick on my feet , and setting up shots... I had seven minutes in front of an audience... Believe me, pushing yourself out of your comfort zone makes you grow so much..


 The Inspiration shots the next night! It was a beautiful foggy night in Cleveland, so I grabbed Genevieve, and my Ice Lights, and headed out! ( Fun fact... Gen is sporting a 20 year old bridesmaid dress )..... It was so good to just go and shoot some new stuff!  Can't wait for wedding season 2017!